I'm Elizabeth Marek and I've been creating cakes for over 7 years. I've competed on Food Network and my work has been featured in printed publications including American Cake Decorating Magazine, Cake Central, Portland Bride and Groom, Oregon Bride and Groom, Cake Masters among many others. 

I specialize in cakes that use structure, lights, move or just make you say, wait... THAT'S A CAKE??

What is Patreon? Patreon is basically a channel of tutorial videos that I have created. By becoming a patreon, you have access to all the videos I have uploaded to my channel at your pledge level. I upload 2 videos per month plus some bonus free videos. 

What is a patron? Patrons are people just like you who support their favorite artists by pledging a certain amount of money per project they create (that's you!) in order to help that artist support themselves and have the ability to make more tutorials for you! 

How do I become a patron? Just choose an amount (read the rewards to see what fits you best) and hit "become a patron". Your cards are charged at the beginning of the month. You are charged per video. I make 2 videos per month. 

How do I get my reward? You can access videos at your pledge level ($5, $9 or $15) by going to www.patreon.com/sugargeekshow click on creations tab (small words right above the main video) and scroll down until you can see the tutorial you want to view. All paid rewards will be emailed to you directly (or mailed) at the beginning of the month after cards are processed. You can watch tutorials you have paid for any time with the links that are sent to you, you can only watch passed tutorials as long as you are a patron.

Read all about the rewards on the patreon website, www.patreon.com/sugargeekshow